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​Individual classes

Customized French learning path

Together with a qualified teacher, have one-to-one lessons and personal feedback so you can reach any goal you have set.

What is this program?


Individual classes personalized to fullfill the student’s goals and needs

Your own pace

Build your learning path together with a qualified teacher and move at your own pace.


Students can choose their favorite topics and try related activities to develop their French

Flexible schedule

On weekdays or weekends, reserve your sessions in a flexible schedule.

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What will you get

Discuss new and exciting topics each week, from lifestyles to wellbeing and more.

Assistance over the learning path.

Human to human real interactions, from sharing ideas to participating in fun contests.

We offer level tests and presence certificates for participation on classes.

Access to tailor-made materials for each linguistic pillar: Speaking, writing, reading, listening.

Free access to quizzes, dictations and extra activities. 

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After This Program, Obtain...

French level acquisition

Level acquisition

Reach the next level in your French learning path and get prepared for any language challenge.

Strong self-esteem

Feel empowered

Empower yourself by reaching your personal linguistic goals.

French foundations


Get solid French foundations in the four language skills.

Love speaking French


Gain new vocabulary, a better pronunciation and overall a higher confidence to speak in French.

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Select the program that suits your needs