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From Scratch

French from A to Z

The perfect program for everyone who wants to learn French from zero. Together with an experienced teacher, build solid French foundations and reach A2 level in just four months.

What is this program?


In this semi-intensive program, you have 5 lessons per week,    20x/ month.

Small groups

  This modality permits  every student to have their time to talk and ask questions.


Learn live in Zoom with real scenarios guided by a qualified and native teacher.

CEFR covered

Every linguistic pillar is covered: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

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What will you get

Small groups of maximum 6 people.

Two types of classes:
French basics : lessons focused on vocabulary, grammar and all the basics of French

French Talks : practice French with creativity and fun

Assistance over the learning path.

Social media groups for communication and extra activities. Continue your French learning outside class.

Authentic interactions with natives speakers.

Access to tailor-made materials for each linguistic pillar:

Speaking, writing, reading, listening.

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After This Program, Obtain...

French level acquisition

Level acquisition

Complete the two months to get the A1 level or four months to get the level A2.

Love speaking Frenc


Be able to use A2 level skills in daily life situations.

French foundations


Get solid French foundations in the four language skills.

Strong self-esteem

Feel confident

Develop your self-esteem through language learning, being able to speak French with anyone

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Select the best option for you

  • 1 Month


    219 euros
  • 2 Months


    419 euros
  • 4 Months


    798 euros
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What people say

“At each session we have so much fun chatting, laughing and sharing ideas without even realising that we are actively learning. Tiago in the background (like a Ninja Warrior) surreptitiously dropping in bits of grammar and language tips). Before know it an hour has passed. This is the best learning experience I've had doing French. N'hésitez pas; give the class a go; you won’t regret it."

Ivor Thompson, Intermediate level (UK)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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