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French Talks

Informal conversation sessions

Get fluent in French in groups hosted by Tiago. Talk with people of diverse multicultural backgrounds and immerse yourself in real-life situations.

What are French Talks?

Join on Zoom

Informal and relaxed group of French speakers with me as your qualified teacher.

Fun activities

Dialogues on current topics, collaborative activities, and exciting challenges.

All levels

Everyone is welcome. Sessions are conducted for all the six levels (from A1 to C2)


Schedules adapted to your needs with our flexible schedule (at least 3 options/week).

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What will you get

Discuss new and exciting topics each week, from lifestyles to wellbeing and more.

Win recompenses while participating in social media activities.

Human to human real interactions, from sharing ideas to participating in fun contests.

We offer level tests and presence certificates for participation on classes.

Join our social media exclusive groups for communication and extra activities. Continue the French learning outside class.

Free access to quizzes, dictations, grammar, and vocabulary flashcards.

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After This Program, Obtain...

Strong self-esteem

Higher confidence

Develop happiness thinking and confidence building through language learning.

Love speaking French


Gain new vocabulary, a better pronunciation and overall a higher confidence to speak in French.

Globe rotating

Multicultural enviroment

Enlarge your horizons with multicultural climate

and form new bonds from people around the world.

Francophone houses

Francophone culture

Acquire a deep understanding of traditions and habits of the Francophone world.

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Âncora 1

Join our multicultural community of French Talkers!

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat

    1 hr

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What people say

“Just after my first class, I felt confident speaking French. It is the atmosphere of being in a group at the same level of your language, which makes it look easier and fair. So, first, you are placed in the right place and second the teacher who is moderating the talk and giving his feedback on the spot is fully attentive and cooperative.”

Montaha Moazzen, beginner level (Lebanon)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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