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Looking for a  cool way to expand your French skills?


Welcome to the French Encyclopedia!


Why choose us

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Tiago, founder of the french encyclopedia school

About me

I am Tiago

I am a Belgian passionate about the French language, optimistic by nature. I am a French teacher, founder of the French Encyclopedia.

My goal is to help speakers become fluent in French without having to go through the boring experience of a traditional class. Learning can be fun, trust me!

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A complete learning approach

Forget about outdated traditional methods. Here you will learn useful content adapted to your goals. We will work in all domains of the language to build solid French foundations.

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Across a wide range of topics, learn everyday French and correct pronunciation.

Image by Hannah Olinger

Strengthen your writing skills in all domains of life, personal and professional.

Leitura ao ar livre

Explore francophone culture through helpful articles, stories or even original texts.

Trust Building

Build your self-confidence by achieving French learning goals. Empower yourself after every French challenge.

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Comprehend any French speaker and their accent with real-life exercises and more.

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All content is non-sensitive and created to generate happiness.

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French with me

Student learning French via the laptop online

From scratch

French from A to Z

The perfect program for everyone who wants to learn French from scratch. Together with an experienced teacher, build solid French foundations and reach A1 level in just two months.

French Talks

Informal speaking classes

Develop your French by making mistakes. Practice the language in small group classes and explore the world by meeting new friends from around the world.

Online French speaking meeting
French teacher giving a video class

Individual classes

Customize your learning

You control the pace of your learning. Classes are customized to your needs. Together with a qualified teacher, embrace this new French adventure and reach any goal you have set.

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What people say

“At each session we have so much fun chatting, laughing and sharing ideas without even realising that we are actively learning. Tiago in the background (like a Ninja Warrior) surreptitiously dropping in bits of grammar and language tips). Before know it an hour has passed. This is the best learning experience I've had doing French. N'hésitez pas; give the class a go; you won’t regret it."

Ivor Thompson, Intermediate level (UK)
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Still, have doubts?

Either you are looking for the best learning program for you or you simply have a question, send us a message, we will respond within a day at the most.

Thanks for submitting!

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